Because technology is constantly evolving, we think it is important to allow each citizen to learn to better use computer tools and those, regardless of their geographic and socio-political position.

However, in a country where computer equipment costs the same price as with us (average price of a laptop 320 euros, 700 euros for a laptop) but that the minimum wage is only 117 euros, very few school can afford these tools. That is why we want to help them by sending them material.

At ANOJ, we are committed to giving IT equipment a second life, thereby giving children and young people the opportunity to learn how to use it from primary school.

You are a private individual, a professional, no longer throw away your IT equipment (laptop, desktop, smartphone, printer, screen, server, etc.), donate it!

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In France

=> Recovery of IT equipment near individuals and professionals

=> Refurbishment of IT equipment

=> Implementation of IT solution for individuals and professionals

In Ivory Coast

=> Redistribution of IT equipment in schools

=> Providing solutions and supporting schools in the implementation of IT projects